Today I Saw…

Today I saw a father buried in the ground,
I watched his family mourn and I didn’t make a sound.
I saw their grief grow higher and even higher still,
A void had grown within them, one they can never fill.
The feelings were so palpable that you could almost touch their pain.
I saw it all and wondered, if they’d ever be the same.
Today I saw the children, who couldn’t say goodbye
So today we did it for them, and hoped it was worth the while.
The passing oh so sudden, but inevitable in its coming
Taking away from us all, with no hint or subtle warning
Today I saw a mother, silence was her cry.
How she held it all together, I couldn’t ask why
What strength it must take to hold fast, when your world feels so shattered.
When what is now becomes past, the loss of that which mattered.
Today I saw a funeral, and I couldn’t help but think.
What would I do if I suddenly found myself on that brink.
Death always feel so final, an absolute and defined end.
But I have faith that it is not, and from this we can mend.

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