The new WhatsApp policy: where to next?

James Azam

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

WhatsApp, like any application/software has a usage policy that is several pages long. As is expected of almost any policy document, almost no one reads it. Because of this, software creators often sneak in or remove certain statements without the average person noticing the difference. People only make a fuss of what the media primes them to and that is exactly what is currently happening following the release of the new WhatsApp policy.

WhatsApp automatically requires access to detailed information about the user, and their device: IP and Mac Addresses, user logs, status updates, availability profiles, etc. Even though some of the information are required to smoothly run the app, others are not entirely essential. In the past, like in 2012, you could refuse to allow WhatsApp to collect the non-essential information with the drawback that you would not get an “improved…

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